How to make money on Instagram #3 – Create and sell a physical product

How To Make Money on Instagram #3

Create and sell a physical product

how to make money on Instagram

In our “How to make Money on Instagram” series, Gram To Grands explores the various ways Instagram users are making big bucks on the platform.

This information isn’t just for your own interest, you can copy the exact methods below and start generating income from Instagram today.

Create and sell your own physical product on Instagram

Rather than being an Instagram affiliate marketer, you may prefer instead to use Instagram to sell your own branded physical product through an e-commerce store.

However, before you can drive traffic from your Instagram account to your e-commerce store, you need a product to sell!

How to create you own product:

There are two options if you want to create and sell your own product via Instagram:

  • Create and design the product yourself:

Years ago when you had an idea for a product, you would have to put in a lot of time and money to even get to the prototyping phase. Now with the emerging 3D printer market you’ve cut your time and cost down significantly which means it’s become easier to get a product to market than ever before.

The complexity of the product has a lot to do with the next steps. Depending on your area of expertise you may want to recruit the following for help:

  • An engineer
  • A developer
  • A designer
  • A manufacturer (see below for more on this)

Unlike years ago when you needed to fund the initial manufacturing run yourself, which loads you with some big risks, now we have crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo or Kickstarter that can help with this.

However, if that all sounds like too much effort (and it really is!), you should do option 2:

2) Source and rebrand a product from a manufacturer:

Instead of creating a new product from scratch, you can source an unbranded product made at a factory, get them to add your logo to it and then have it delivered to you or straight to the buyer.

First, decide what product you would like to sell. If you’re not sure where to start, you can get inspiration from:

  • Amazon – Go to this page and check out all of the different tabs for “Movers & Shakers” and whatnot. I click around the categories and drill down to find things
  • eBay – Check out the completed listings on eBay to see what kind of prices you can consistently sell items for.
  • Google Trends – Type a product idea into search see if the trend increasing or decreasing. You should avoid product ideas that have little or no search traffic (less than 500 monthly searches)
  • Other toolsmySimon Top Searches, Shopzilla Top Searches, Kaboodle Hot Picks

Once you have worked out what you want to sell, you then need to source the product and get it labelled with your brand/logo.

For logo design, use and find someone to create a logo and/or brand name for $5. Once you’ve done that, you’re next step is finding a manufacturer who will produce, label and deliver your product.

Your best friend for this is AliBaba – a marketplace of factories in China which produce every product you can imagine. Contact sellers directly to find out costs of production and distribution. Another option is AliExpress, Alibaba’s site for smaller orders. You will generally get better prices for the same amount on Alibaba if you are willing to put in the effort to communicate with suppliers, but AliExpress is always an option.

In both cases, they will deliver your product to your home or a chosen address, from which you can ship out to customers.

Whichever route to creating a product you choose, you will need to set up some sort of e-commerce store to sell your product and redirect traffic from Instagram. The most popular sites used to sell products online are:

  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • Storenvy
  • Bigcartel
  • Amazon
  • Ebay

Once you’ve got your product developed and listed on these sites. The next step is simple: use Instagram to build an audience and direct them to buy your product!

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